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Celebrating Earth Day 2022 with Sustainable Art

Art plays an essential role in inspiring people to take action towards a more eco-friendly world. Earth Day is not just about celebrating our planet but also about taking action to protect it. This year, we used sustainable art to spread awareness in the most fun and colorful way we can.

We invited a handful of guests and influencers to help us celebrate! We had live acoustic music, fresh pizza by Living Stones Pizza, a Klaypel art workshop, planter painting, and a really cute plant-themed photo studio session. Among our guests were some of our favorite Tiktok personalities and Instagram inspos: Bianca Gan, Ciara Gan, Justine Llarena, Rov Mizuse, Patricia Gapay, Nicole Lim, Marie Fortuno, Chelsea Valencia, Aryanna Epperson, and their friends and family.

Everybody expressed how this event was a much needed slowing down and really fun, laid back art day. Once again, Klaypel proved to be a therapeutic art activity, that's best enjoyed with our favorite company. It feels wonderful after all, to be able to take care of our planet, and there are so many creative ways to do so.

Some photos from our shoot taken by photographers Precious Aquino and Thea Gubantes.

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