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Friends + Coffee + Art at Staple & Perk Cafe

Updated: Jan 12

On a breezy Saturday afternoon, Staple & Perk Cafe Makati hosted a Klaypel art workshop that brought together a group of vibrant millennials. This event aimed to blend the aroma of freshly brewed coffee with the essence of artistic expression. With Klaypel colors and sticks in hand, participants gathered to explore their creative instincts in a relaxed and inspiring ambiance.

This afternoon was dedicated to the hustlers, busy with adulting and getting things done. Obsessed with making their mark in the workplace, millennials are often run-down and oblivious to their mental wellness. But to our pleasant surprise, parents, little kids, and even elders walked in to participate. Turns out we could all use some refuge especially in this day and age.

Guided by pioneer and master Klaypel artist Bono, participants explored different colors and found themselves enjoying the process instead of being too preoccupied with the final outcome. Staple & Perk's cozy vibe fostered such a warm energy, empowering participants to create freely and comfortably.

One of the highlights of this afternoon was meeting late Rio Olympics flag bearer and table tennis champion, Ian Larriba. She was undefeated in her five years of playing for DLSU in the UAAP and was the only Filipino table netter ever to qualify in the Olympics. In 2017, she was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

Ian worked on a design that spelled hope, and right then we knew that hers was a deep-seated faith, and it radiated throughout the room. Even more powerful than her story is her gentle demeanor that spoke of her humility and steadfastness in the midst of her battle. Even after she has passed, we remember the way she touched our lives and inspired us all. Her memory lives on and so does her Klaypel artwork. ✿

Friends became family, family became friends, and everyone became artists this afternoon. Klaypel is a restorative self-care activity that enables every artist-at-heart to play, create a beautiful work of art, and share a piece of themselves with others.

Staple and Perk Cafe is owned by Janeena Chan and family, and is located along Chino Roces Ave., Makati.

We host Klaypel art workshops for corporate events and parties. Email us at to inquire.

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