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Mar 1, 2016

Kalahi: Klaypel Art Competition 2016

This Klaypel Art Competition seeks to showcase one cohesive culture of the many tribes of the Philippines. We believe that our...

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        As a part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration, we take a step in this exciting venture towards a caring world by promoting the advocacy in the care and preservation of Marine Wildlife. In partnership with AG Saño et al, renown muralist, conservationist, and environmental activist, we entitled this art competition “Yamang Sining, Yamang Dagat”.

      This competition also aims to introduce Klaypel as a universal art medium for paintings, to discover a new batch of Klaypel artists that will create world class Klaypel artworks, and to exhibit these globally.

yaman logo.png
Rico Palacio
Usbong by Dante Enage
Exhibit Grounds, Resorts World Manila
Exhibit Grounds, Resorts World Manila
Exhibit Grounds, Resorts World Manila
Bloom by Billy Pomida

        The show tells the story of life breathed anew to a once typhoon-ravaged city, and highlights the power of creativity, imagination and hope to birth the beautiful out of tragedy. The medium used by the artists is fresh and unique, the flexibility and adaptability of which is showcased by the various artworks of the featured artists.


        As we transition into the new normal, this Klaypel Art Competition aims to empower us to continue to look at our future hopeful and excited, enabling us to march onward with confidence. With part of the proceeds of this competition, we want to honor and support our frontliners as a thank you for their service and sacrifices. We are donating sets of art therapy kits that will help bring them comfort and healing. All together, ONWARD

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