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“I have made known my struggles to some of you, and I think I owe it to you by showing the tangible proofs that I am fighting my demons. We need vivid colors in our lives – colors that represent the love of our lives, colors that will encourage us to cling hope, colors to chase anxieties away. I finished this simple pattern in record time. But those two hours gave me solace, a sense of calm, mindfulness. Hey there, had I known that you will bring out the little kid inside, I should have discovered you sooner.”

- jvvalejo

"I bought this as my first gift as a “boyfriend” to Graziel. At that time, hinid kasi ako ma flower and chocolate na boyfriend hehe. I’m more into something na may gagawin, “mas may effort,” so I bought this and made this myself. She was so happy receiving this gift. After 8 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend (2015), we got marrried."

- Jake


“A married couple at the brink of separation randomly dropped by an [then] art café, either to kill some time or left off steam. As [Klaypel sticks] glided through a small board, the couple was lost in epiphany. At the end of the session, they went home not just with a colorful artwork, but also with the realization that the marriage is still worth saving.

Heart-warming anecdotes like this all the more convince Sue Morales, [founder of Klaypel], that their business is a blessing to them and to others."

- Edsel Van Dura

One with the Aetas

Klaypel for Autism Society Philippines



Klaypel Artists We Discovered

We found these videos posted by our customers and we couldn’t help but share their Klaypel journeys with you! Each artwork they created is a unique masterpiece and we are proud to call them all Klaypel artists.