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“I have made known my struggles to some of you, and I think I owe it to you by showing the tangible proofs that I am fighting my demons. We need vivid colors in our lives – colors that represent the love of our lives, colors that will encourage us to cling hope, colors to chase anxieties away. I finished this simple pattern in record time. But those two hours gave me solace, a sense of calm, mindfulness. Hey there, had I known that you will bring out the little kid inside, I should have discovered you sooner.”

- jvvalejo

"I bought this as my first gift as a “boyfriend” to Graziel. At that time, hinid kasi ako ma flower and chocolate na boyfriend hehe. I’m more into something na may gagawin, “mas may effort,” so I bought this and made this myself. She was so happy receiving this gift. After 8 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend (2015), we got marrried."

- Jake


“A married couple at the brink of separation randomly dropped by an [then] art café, either to kill some time or left off steam. As [Klaypel sticks] glided through a small board, the couple was lost in epiphany. At the end of the session, they went home not just with a colorful artwork, but also with the realization that the marriage is still worth saving.

Heart-warming anecdotes like this all the more convince Sue Morales, [founder of Klaypel], that their business is a blessing to them and to others."

- Edsel Van Dura

One with the Aetas

Klaypel for Autism Society Philippines