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An Academic Achiever's Fight for Creativity

Updated: Apr 4

Art is a complex combination of balance, hue, form, shapes, and space where it produces an output that is either visually appealing or evokes profound meaning upon viewing it. Since my grade school years, I've been aware of my weaknesses, particularly my lack of natural artistic eye or talent. Despite excelling in academics, I've struggled to grasp how to effectively blend the various elements of art to produce an output that everyone may call a “masterpiece”. It can be disappointing to know that this limitation often holds me back in activities related to this field, particularly in traditional drawing. This struggle also poses a significant impact on the foundation of my self-confidence.

However, akin to the famous Japanese proverb "Fall seven times and stand up eight", I am a woman who doesn't fear to fight back along from her battles. Living in an academically competitive world, giving up is an act where one’s self doesn’t improve if it is just kept inside a box. In my academic journey, I've encountered a lot failures in exams. Nonetheless, I've always held the belief that a failing grade is not indicative of being stuck in a situation, but rather an opportunity to learn and improve. This provided a path for me of how important it is to face everything one thing at a time. This weakness of mine provides a way for me to identify how to conquer it effectively. That’s why I practiced every time whenever there was a task given to us where it needed my artistic knowledge until I developed it. I opened myself to exploring different forms of art, such as Klaypel, which has revealed a new dimension of artistic expression to me. The common perception of art is often limited to drawing with pen or paint, which requires a certain level of skill and knowledge of basic techniques. However, expanding the accessibility of art to include people of all ages, from children to the elderly, enhances diversity in the field, making it open for people especially for those who may not naturally gravitate toward artistic pursuits.

In the end, life is not always vibrant and colorful like a rainbow. The ability to adapt to change is essential for survival in a world full of challenges. These hardships serve as a training ground, where acknowledging and addressing weaknesses is key to personal growth and becoming the best version of oneself.

Zara Thea is currently a graduating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) student. She is a consistent honor recipient and an active member of the university’s publication unit, The Senior Perpetual Light as the Head of the Broadcasting Committee. Also, she is a former member and committee in the highest governing body of the entire SHS department, The Senior Student Supreme Council. She enjoys exploring different fields such as being a student-teacher, participating in outside competitions and public speaking events, and leading her very own class as the President. In her leisure time, Zara explores the realm of art, finding joy and relaxation in this creative pursuit.

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