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Our Favorite Tools for DIY Textured Art

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Playing with textures is one of the most exciting parts of making art, and we live for it!

To explore sculptural painting, you have to be a bit of an adventurer and a risk taker unafraid of a little imperfection. Klaypel has unique properties that give it a similar density and malleability to soft polymer clay while maintaining its adhesiveness, so it can be easily applied and layered on your canvas. Try it as an art medium, and you’ll get a feel of being a sculptor and painter at the same time - without having to use fancy tools and materials.

Upcycled objects can make for mark-making tools that can yield interesting results. Discover how you can invent and reinvent endlessly with our favorite tools that can be found at home:

1. Plastic knife to create rough edges

2. Ruler / any straight edge to create stripes

3. Straw / empty pen tubes to create circles

4. Hair comb to create patterns

5. Pointed sticks for a fine sandstone finish

Experiment with 3D shapes and patterns using these materials to add a nice depth to your artworks. Klaypel comes in lots of different bright colors, but you can mix them to make new ones!

If you’re just starting out or looking for a new hobby, why don’t you begin with a DIY Klaypel kit? It comes with one wood board, Klaypel colors, and sticks! Click here to browse our design selection.

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