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Cultivating a Joyful Heart through Art

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

My journey with art tells the story of embracing the courage and the light within me, as I navigate my way through uncertain times. Just like everyone, the pandemic has been difficult for me as I was laid off from my career in corporate garment retail. Although I am an optimistic person, I found myself feeling lost and unmotivated to do fashion design.

Three years ago, when I started abstract painting as a self-care hobby, it was difficult for me to let go of perfection. I was so conscious of making my paintings “right”, like with every aspect of my life. But as I progressed in my journey, I allowed myself to be spontaneous and to be free, as my fingers danced with the paint. At that time, I did not know how art would significantly change my life and eventually open doors of opportunities for me.

During the repetitive lockdowns, painting became my refuge, as I acknowledged my emotions and grounded myself with calmness. I was able to express myself while learning to cope with situations beyond my control. I believe that art serves as a mirror of my inner state of being. Despite experiencing grief and pain, my paintings are still filled with light and vibrant colors, reflecting my positive thoughts and hopeful wishes.

As I shared my heartfelt feelings and my vulnerability through my paintings, people started messaging me about how my story resonated with them. They began purchasing my paintings because my art inspired them to rediscover their own light. It meant so much to me because I realized that I am not alone in this journey.

Things came into full circle as I found the inspiration to start over with fashion because of my art. Most of my abstract paintings resemble patchwork and folk embroidery, which lead me to sew patchwork projects for my family home. I shared my works in my craft shop, Gypsy Heart, and received such wonderful feedback from supportive friends and even strangers. This encouraged me to open my own sustainable lifestyle brand, The Brave Story, practicing my advocacy in sustainability and using my designs to tell meaningful stories of hope.

My abstract paintings and my patchwork creations are symbolic of how I pieced myself together again in this cycle of becoming and unbecoming. Instead of resisting change, I joyfully surrendered to faith and found myself flowing through life with serene grace. Art and fashion helped me reconnect with my inner child, inspiring me to cultivate a heart filled with gratitude and joy.

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