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Dutdot Art Workshop with Obra Maestra’s Celvic Villacorta

Updated: Jan 12

“Ang misyon mo ay kulayan ang mundo” is Obra Maestra’s battle cry as it sets out to support and develop local artists through workshops, outreaches, exhibits, and a reality show. It’s a beautiful statement and one that resonates with Klaypel. This has been the heart of the company, too, since 2005. From ever-changing taglines “Add color to your home” to “Everyone is an artist,” Klaypel has been on a mission to inspire creativity and spark hope - one color, and artwork, one story at time. So this 2022, we have our Usbong Klaypel Art Competition.

A special Klaypel art workshop was held on September 14, 2022 at Klaypel Art Cafe, facilitated by renown portrait artist Celvic Villacorta, with the help of master Klaypel artist Bono Raymundo. More than 20 artist attendees used Klaypel for the first time, and the results were delightfully surprising.

Celvic shares some tips for creating your Klaypel artwork:

  1. Have a focal point.

  2. Colors are always good but learn to keep them from being too distracting.

  3. High relief is the way to go with Klaypel.

  4. It’s better to mix your colors directly on your board/canvas as you go.

  5. Use your materials to move and shape your Klaypel. Explore sculptural techniques.

  6. It would be nice to incorporate the dutdot (pointillism) effect because it’s the technique coined by Klaypel.

There’s something about making art surrounded by community. While surely many artists prefer working in solitude, free from inhibitions and distractions, sharing energy and having a judgement-free space is a beautiful way, and dare we say essential, to grow as an artist. Stay tuned for more workshops at Klaypel Art Cafe, where everybody is welcome.

Only three days left to join Usbong Klaypel Art Competition as registration ends on September 30, 2022. If you are Filipino and at least 18 years old, you are welcome to participate… and be in the running to winning P500,000 grand prize!

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