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Mother & Child Acrylic Painting Workshop by Klaypel Team

Updated: Jun 27

"Alas!" The children gushed and rushed to their seats crumbling with joy as they carried on their unfinished projects last May 4, 2024.

In this momentous event, Mrs. Sue Morales, a wife, and a mother of four, led the second-day workshop dedicated to all mothers at PSC Clubhouse, Malacañang Park, Paco, Manila on May 11, 2024.

Mrs. Morales then declared a special day of appreciation in its entirety for this selfless and loving creature, called "mother."

Klaypel Master Artist Kuya Bono and Klaypel Creative Head Ate Jela taught the kids an easy step by step process. From a simple sketch of a heart and two circles, all were able to paint a mother and child figure! Each parent was absolutely surprised at what their kids, young as they are, were able to do artistically.

This time, the children presented their paintings as their way of appreciation to their mom, mum, mommy, mama, ma, or nanay. To the parents' surprise, the fun and exciting ambiance suddenly turned emotional as tears fall down on every mother's eye. Every stroke suddenly had deep meaning when the painting served as a treasure untold dedicated to a loving mother. Indeed, a mother is like flying colors. They add a hue in every corner of our hearts.

Before the room gets soaked with tears, the Presidential Security Command (PSC) Commander, MGEN JESUS NELSON B MORALES PAF, together with the PSC Ladies Club, Mrs. Sue Morales, and the children, held all the mothers' hands and paved the way to a special night event, "The Ladies Night Out."

Brace yourselves mommies because tonight screams fun! The evening was set against the backdrop of elegant ballroom dancing with the very energetic host of the night, CPT CATHERINE JOY ABAGA NC appeared to engage the mommies through games and music! The PSC ladies even added fun through the dance floor creating a spectacle of harmony and joy.

Throughout the night, the tears were suddenly changed into laughter and joy. In every part of the event, the mothers felt the love of the family they had deep love and care for.

On the celebration of Mother's Day, may this remind all the mothers around the world how each of us appreciate their presence in our lives. For to us, they are paintings: a treasure left untold, but regarded more precious than silver, more priceless than gold.

Story by Presidential Security Command Communications

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