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Heartlights x Klaypel Art Workshop

11.11 make a wish! At Tokyo Bubble Tea BGC on November 11, 2023, Heartlights and Klaypel teamed up to hold a fun and nutty art workshop.

This Klaypel art workshop was one of a kind as participants were asked to create nut-themed artworks! Each one was given either a round or square board and they were free to draw any nut-inspired design.

Marichor Camalon, the founder of Heartlights, shared how she began her business during the pandemic with a heart to offer healthy snacks to her friends to help combat the virus. Her passion for cooking and good food shone through and her products were certainly a crowd favorite. With offerings ranging from almonds, cashews, trail mix, and even banana chips, her generosity has thrusted her business into becoming a channel of blessing to those in need.

Before beginning the workshop proper, Jen released an encouraging word, stirring up the creativity within every person at the cafe. It was enlightening to learn about how Bezalel was filled with the Creative Spirit of God, and how He continues to pour this out to us to this day. This talk made everyone excited to begin!

Finally, Jela, the co-founder of Klaypel, shared with the group how Klaypel began right at the heart of BGC, when Market Market was just being built. From a fun family hobby and kiddie art craze, now a fine art medium and therapeutic activity, Klaypel continues to provide unique art experiences for every artist at heart. She went on to give some pointers in creating a Klaypel artwork:

  1. Unlike paint that you spread out, you compress Klaypel together to build density and cover your canvas effectively.

  2. When using sticks to tap and shape your Klaypel, be very light with your strokes.

  3. You can also use different sculpting tools such as palette knives to achieve different textures.

The workshop ended with lots of awards and prizes! It was definitely an afternoon where we went nuts for arts! Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops.

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