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Usbong Klaypel Art Competition Press Launch

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

“Usbong” is a Filipino term that means sprouting; budding; growing.

Klaypel, a proudly Philippine-made art product, who pioneered the moist colored paper medium of art is celebrating its 17th anniversary. To mark this momentous feat, the company has launched its biggest art competition yet —”Usbong."

Last August 13, 2022, media partners gathered at the Klaypel HQ to get the good word out. Journalists, writers, and media friends from an array of networks attended what was a delightful and color-filled press launch. Each one had the opportunity to be an artist for a day and created their own Klaypel artworks.

The theme “Usbong” was chosen because the company wants to help artists reignite their passion for the arts and give them the opportunity to showcase their art. It wants to hear artists’ stories of growth, new beginnings, and hope, especially now, two years into a global pandemic.

This competition is open to all Filipinos 18 years old and above. Klaypel believes in the creativity of every person and that it can help them harness and develop this artistic ability. The heart of Klaypel is “everybody is an artist.” Since it’s a relatively new art medium, every participant will start at the same base, each discovering what they can do and how they can experiment with Klaypel.

This means that aspiring artists and professional artists are all competing to bag the grand prize of P500,000. Apart from the first prize, there’s also second prize worth P300,000, third prize P100,000, People’s Choice Award P50,000 and the 5th to 10th placers will also receive P17,000 each.

With this promising reward, the only catch is participants are not allowed to use any other medium aside from Klaypel. Upon paying the P800 registration fee, Klaypel will arrange the delivery of competition materials to all the participants. Canvas size should be strictly 18×24 inches, either black or white, and is the only material to be shouldered by the artist.

Deadline of registration: September 15, 2022

Deadline of submission of entries: October 31, 2022

Complete mechanics here.

Registration link here.


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