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Yakap Art Therapy by Klaypel

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Surround yourself with the warm embrace of a joyful and loving community with the Yakap Art Therapy by Klaypel! The global pandemic has given us time to reconnect with ourselves, realizing the importance of taking care of our mental and emotional health. Yakap is a safe space where you can express yourself creatively while cultivating mindfulness and gratitude, together with new friends.

Our first Yakap Art Therapy was held last June 4, 2022, at UNI Art Café. The workshop on mental health and self-care was facilitated by certified life coaches Faith de Chavez and Denise Rebollos. Some of the topics that the coaches talked about were normalizing conversations about mental health, learning to acknowledge different emotions, and developing self-care habits.

Self-care habits should be intentional, consistent, and restorative. During the workshop, we focused on the habits of writing in a journal and making art. Klaypel’s gratitude journal has reflection prompts that will guide you in seeking more reasons to be grateful and finding your own little pockets of joy. The participants were given time to write about their insights and to share their wins with everyone.

The art therapy workshop was facilitated by Klaypel Creatives Head, Jela Morales. She taught the participants how to use Klaypel and helped them find their own creative techniques. There was a fun yet peaceful ambience as everyone was immersed with coloring their art kits. The participants found the activity calming – they learned how to slow down, relax, breathe, and recharge their energy.

Yakap Art Therapy culminated with a sharing from the participants about their experience of the whole workshop. They felt comfort and warmth from the supportive community, found a safe space to be themselves without fear of judgment, learned to be more consistent with maintaining their self-care habits, met new friends, and pivoted to having a more grateful mindset.

All the participants were able to treat and pamper themselves through the Yakap Box, with carefully curated items from different local brands. The Yakap box has a limited edition Klaypel art kit and gratitude journal, Yakap patchwork pouch from The Brave Story, Yakap tea from Apoteakore, butter cookies from Two Bakers, chocolate from Auro, and Yakap roller oil from Drops of Happiness.

These people only spent a few hours together yet they found a community where they belong to. Yakap Art Therapy can be taken as a team-building activity for workmates or as a bonding activity between friends and family, creating deeper connections of compassion and care.

See you in the next Yakap sessions!


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